Mount Brewing Co

The Argo - Imperial Barrel Aged Porter


10.6% ABV 3300ml

The vision for our barrel aging program is simple, high quality, unique beers. We source only the best ingredients to fill freshly emptied barrels. With a focus on small batches, our beers are all limited edition and aged until perfectly complex.

The first release in our ongoing barrel aging series is an Imperial Porter. A complex blend of
caramel sweetness with roasted malts and coconut sugar aged in French Oak barrels previously
occupied with Merlot.

Experience oak, plum, and chocolate on the nose before savouring a rounded and luxurious flavour profile with notes of chocolate and hazelnut, utilising the properties of black forest rye and vienna malts.

It will last long in the memory, but not the glass. 

We deliver for free every Wednesday and Friday to all BOP areas including Mt Maunganui, Papamoa, Tauranga and Te Puke.Just order before 10am for cold beers delivered right to your door!

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