Mount Brewing Co

Shades of the Pacific - Dessert Stout


7.8% ABV / 440ml 

Winner of the 2024 NZ Stout Challenge!

The Pacific Ocean is by far the largest and deepest ocean of the planet. At its deepest point of 11000m any sunlight is scattered and absorbed long ago and leaves it in complete darkness. This Dessert Stout is a homage to all its shades and flavors. 

We layered various types of malt to create a smooth and luscious base in order to let ingredients from different islands within the Pacific Ocean shine. 

Vanilla sourced from Heilala, a Tauranga-based company deeply connected with Tongan communities. Cacao nibs from the Solomon Islands roasted down the road by Solomons Gold. Coconut from the Philippines and Navel Oranges grown here in New Zealand. A small dose of Pacific Jade as our choice of hops. 

You can expect a rich, velvety and deep dark Ale with complexity through notes of chocolate and dark fruit, featuring the composition of adjuncts - Imagine a Coconut Rough with a twist of Orange.

We deliver for free every Wednesday and Friday to all BOP areas including Mt Maunganui, Papamoa, Tauranga and Te Puke.Just order before 9am for cold beers delivered right to your door!

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