Mount Brewing Co

Belgian Beer Session 2 - October 14th


Belgian Beer Session Two - 5-7pm
Hosted by Dave Moynagh

(6 Beverages + Finger Food)

Beer connoisseurs assemble! Renowned Beer Judge and Belgian Beer enthusiast Dave Moynagh is here to show everything you need to know about Belgian Ales.

David has showcased international breweries like 3 Fonteinen, Cantillon and local heroes like Garage Project. David normally shares his expertise in Auckland and Wellington but is coming to spend a day with us at Mount Brewing Co. this October.

There are 2 sessions. Session 1 is Belgian Wild Sour Ales and Session 2 is classic Belgian Beer Styles (no sours).

Enjoy one or both sessions.

This is a must-attend event for all beer enthusiasts and those curious about the world of Belgian beer.

Session 2:
Belgium produces some of the world's best beers in its own unique style. This is your chance to enjoy a whirlwind tour and a snapshot of the different types of Belgian Beers. A fun tasting as with a brewing history going back over a thousand years each beer has a story and often a bit of a laugh behind it.

These beers are very accessible and easy drinking and you will find out why Belgian Beers are celebrated and have such a following around the globe.
For those of you who already know that many of the world’s top beers are from Belgium this is a rare chance to enjoy 8 best in class benchmarks. The tasting includes beers from St Bernadus, Dupont, Duvel, Karmeliet, Kwak, and we will finish with a champion award winning blend of a Dark Strong Ale and Whisky.

We deliver for free every Wednesday and Friday to all BOP areas including Mt Maunganui, Papamoa, Tauranga and Te Puke.Just order before 10am for cold beers delivered right to your door!

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